A Russian Secretary of State

A Russian man as Secretary of the United States. Others may not be able to tell a Russian when they see one, however this author does not have that problem.



It does not matter where he was born or what names his parents had. This man is an absolutely perfect example of the Russian phenotype that you often see in the Russian Military. A textbook example of what a Russian man with Russian DNA looks like. A ringer for Stalin.

IN ADDITION: This man led the charge in making the Boy Scouts of America, gay. Make America Gay Again. The plan to swindle and turn the corner on old school America is coming to completion.

Millions of Americans must now be realizing that they have been savagely tricked and it was indeed quite like a TV Show. The demoralization and Civil War 2 PsyOp of USA in perfect working order.

A Russian Oil Tycoon and friend of Vladimir Putin as one of the most powerful elected officials in America. I’m the one who WOULD have believed it and wrote extensively about it, but apparently a large mass of America is as easily manipulated as children.



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